Mark Porreca, Owner

Profile — Mark Porreca, Owner

After teaching High School Social Studies in Washington, DC for three years, I moved to Vermont in 1986 with wild dreams of learning to build my own home.  I began my first building experience as a laborer with a small carpentry crew, taking on all of the tasks given to the inexperienced, the “apprentice” on the team.  Determined to learn the difficult and complicated process and the trade, I began to take my studies of homebuilding, architecture & woodworking seriously and absorbed all that I could of the art of working with wood and homes and homeowners.

In 1990, I started my own carpentry business.  I built my first house from scratch for an enterprising couple and learned the long process of building a house from site clearing in mountainous terrain to placing the final touches on the finished home.  The original owners still own that house and we’ve remained close friends ever since.  To date, I’ve completed over 24 homes, half of which I designed.  In addition to my expertise in the skill of home design and construction, furniture, cabinet making, and interior details have always been a passion and I have chosen to include these services from my cabinet shop in downtown Milwaukee.

I have been very fortunate throughout my career to work with wonderful people and talented individuals.  One of the most satisfying rewards of my work has been to watch families grow with the projects I’ve completed.

I enjoy cross country skiing, backcountry telemark skiing, sailing, commuting on my single speed bicycle, cooking, bread baking, exploring Milwaukee and the upper Midwest, and time with my wife Ann and daughters Stella & Audrey.